Finishers Confirmation List

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

You can find this screen under TEAMS > Student > Academic > Finishers Confirmation list. This screen is used to get a list for all the enrolments which are finishing within a date range which you have entered so that you can either mark enrolments as finished or see what was marked as finished in the past.


This screen also gives you a list of information relating to the finishing enrolments. One of those pieces of information includes results and a summary. In this summary we show 3 different numbers with a separator or /. These numbers meant Unsuccessful # / Successful # / Total #. This basically means total count of Unsuccessful Results / Successful Results / Total Units to complete for the enrolment.


Before this update the above count was excluding below result types:-

Recognition of Current Competency granted (RCC Granted)

Recognition of Prior Learning granted (RPL Granted) and

Credit Transfer (CT). 

We had made this change in line with changes in other screens but after our previous update in September, some clients discussed this further with us so we changed it back.

We have then added a new column as below.


What’s New

We have added a new column which is Results Ex. CT, RPLG, RCCG. It will give you the count excluding these results type and we have rolled back the column Results which will now show the results including the results types CT, RPLG, RCCG. So that our clients can see the results counts as per their requirement. So now you will see results in two columns as below:-

Column Name

Explanation for the results count


This column will show you the count including each result type even CT, RPLG and RCCG. Tooltip will show you the count as “Unsuccessful #/Successful #/Total #

Results Ex.



This column will show you the count excluding the results types CT, RPLG and RCCG and the tooltip will show you the count as “Successful #/ Not Counted #/ Total #”