Group Training Plan Screen Changes

This article is about the Group Training Plan Screen Changes

Before You Start

To reduce the amount of duplicate data entry in relation to Group Training Plans, Enrolment Subject/Module Screen and Timetable creation, we have made the following changes in the Group Training Plan screen so that when a user creates a Group Training Plan, the screen allow them to create a timetable and relevant classes as well. And then when they allocate enrolments to the Group Training Plan the system also allocates the enrolment/s to the timetable and its classes as well.

New Tabs Added

Two new tabs have been added in the Group Training Plan Screen (TEAMS>Setup> Academic>Group Training Plans) i.e. Timetables and Holiday Periods in which the Timetable creation information can be entered which is normally entered in the Academic Schedule Screen while creating a timetable.

Following new fields have been added in the Timetable Tab and a new tab for Holiday Period has been added as well:-

  • New multi-select lookups for Class Rooms, Assets and Teachers have been added. A user can select what classrooms, Teachers and/or assets they wish to link to the classes, in the same way, they would from the Timetable Wizard Step 2- Timetable Modules/Competencies.
  • A new button called Create a Class has been added and it will only be displayed once the screen is saved i.e upon Group Training Plan creation.
  • A new drop-down for Campus has been added – this identifies what campus the timetable is to link to.
  • A new drop-down for Attendance which is the same drop-down that is available in the Timetable Step 1- Timetable has been added. A user must select if they are going to mark absence or attendance for the timetable.
  • Two new read-only fields called Timetable Code & Timetable Name have been added which are system generated, Group Training Plan Code and Name are copied as Timetable Code and Timetable Name automatically upon Group Training Plan creation. Once the below process is completed the system links the timetable to the Group Training Plan.

Grid Section

On the Modules and Subjects tab, two new columns have been added :

Select– a user can select multiple modules or subjects to create a class.

Sessions– this column displays what class names the module/s or subject/s are allocated to if any.

Process for Timetable/Class Creation

Scenario: A user can select one or many modules or subjects and then select the button for Create a Class.

When they do this then the Create Class Screen that opens in Timetable Wizard Step 3- Timetable Sessions when a user selects the CLASS Button, opens.

Following information appears automatically:-

Timetable Code – Group Training Plan Code is used here
Timetable Name – Group Training Plan Name is used here
Timetable Descriptive Code – Group Training Plan Code is used here
Timetable Descriptive Name – Group Training Plan Name is used here
Timetable Start Date – the system finds the earliest module or subject start date across the entire group training plan and uses that for this date.
Timetable End Date – the system finds the greatest module or subject end date across the entire group training plan and uses that for this date.

The system will know what classrooms, modules or subjects, teachers, assets have been used in any of the classes and it sets the relevant tick boxes in Timetable Step 1- Timetable such as Schedule includes Teachers, Schedule includes Assets etc.

The system will set the timetable as active. For any other settings in Timetable Step 1- Timetable the user would have to go and set these manually from the timetable creation screen as they are not necessary in this process. If there are any holiday periods which need to be entered in the timetable, then you can add them on the Holiday Period Tab.

Once the information is there, the system would then create the relevant classes etc. for the timetable based on the information entered in the Group Training Plan Screen. Once this is done Group Training Plan Allocation screen can be used to allocate Group Training Plans as well as Timetables.

Process for Allocating Enrolments 

Users can allocate a group training plan to an enrolment in one of two screens that are:

1. Enrolment Centre > Academic button > Enrolment Subject/Modules screen.
2. Group Training Plan Allocation bulk screen that is found under the Student > Academic menu option.

From both of these screens, when a user selects a group training plan and allocates it to either one or many enrolments the system looks if a timetable has been created from the Group Training plan and if it has it allocates the timetable and it’s classes to the enrolment as well and write the classes in the Edit Sessions screen of the Enrolment Centre etc.

Please Note:- This new Group Training Plan functionality can be enabled by using a System Setting from TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > Organisation Details > System Settings > Academic Tab.

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