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How To Allocate Class

This article describes how to allocate classes to an individual enrolment and in bulk, what are the business rules for it.

How To Allocate Class to an individual Enrolment

Step 1 – Open the Enrolment for which you want to do the class allocation then go to

Enrolment Centre > Academic > Schedule/Session Allocation.

Step 2 – On the Schedule/Session Allocation screen, select the desired timetable sessions by clicking on the check-boxes or you can simply click on Select which will automatically select all the tick boxes and click on Save button.

Step 3 – On clicking the Save button, a warning message will appear. Click OK on this warning message.

Step 4 Click Next > button and you will be redirected to the Bulk Schedule Allocation screen.

Step 5 – On Bulk Schedule Allocation screen, there will be two tabs. One is Approved Allocations and other one is Non-approved Allocations.

NOTE: Make sure all the modules under the Approved Allocations tab are ticked and Non-approved Allocations tab should be blank. If there is any module appearing under the Non-approved Allocations tab then place the cursor on the check-box and you will see a message which will indicate the problem with the allocation. You need to fix the issue first then move to the next step.

Step 6- Click on the Finish button and close this screen.

You can go back to the Enrolment Centre and refresh the screen by clicking on Go button. You will see that Class has been allocated to the enrolment.

How To Allocate Class In Bulk

Step 1 – Go to TEAMS > Student > Academic > Bulk Schedule/Session Allocation

Step 2 – Update the following parameters:-

  • Campus Select the campus.
  • Course – Select the course for which you want to allocate the classes.
  • As At Date – Enter the date which should lie between class start date and end date which are linked with the above selected course.
  • Timetable – Click on Load Timetable(s) button and it will show you the list of classes, you can select the All Timetable tick box.

Step 3 – Click Next > button.

Step 4 – Choose the Enrolments on Bulk Schedule Allocation- Step 2 screen for which you want to do the class allocation by selecting the tick box appearing on the right hand side of every Enrolment. Step 5 – Click Next > button.

Step 6 – On Bulk Schedule Allocation- Step 3 screen, you will see list of students on the left hand side where you can choose the ‘x’ number of students by selecting the tick boxes.

On the right hand side, all the academic schedules will appear which are linked to the selected course. You can choose the classes by selecting the tick boxes which you want to allocate to the selected students.

Click on Save button after selecting students and classes. A warning message will appear, click OK.

Step 7 – Click Next > button.

Step 8 – Follow Step 6 & 7 explained for “How to allocate class to an individual Enrolment”.

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