How to FINISH an Enrolment

This article describes how to FINISH an Enrolment using the Finishers Confirmation List Screen.

Before You Start

In the same way, the system needs to know that a student commenced their studies, it also needs to know they have completed their studies. To do this you MUST finish the enrolment.

If you do NOT finish an enrolment they will NOT show in the correct NAT files in your AVETMISS data exports, this will further impact your Course and Competency completion rates and will not be considered as a ‘finisher’ in specific reports.

Finish An Individual Enrolment

This posts shows you how to finish an individual enrolment from the Enrolment Centre. However, you can chose to finish enrolments in bulk using the Finishers Confirmation List screen. To finish an individual enrolment follow the steps below:

Step 1 – Open the Enrolment (TEAMS > Student > Enrolment Centre) which you want to flag as Finished.

Step 2 – Go to Enrolment Centre > Action > Finish

Still having trouble?

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