How to link a Module or Unit of Competency to enrolments in bulk

This article describes how to link a Module or Unit of competency to enrolments in Bulk.

Before You Start

Sometimes there is a scenario where the unit of competency or module is superseded and the new version of that module or unit of competency has to be linked to the enrolments where the superseded modules needs to be there.

This can also be done manually for every enrolment from the subject module screen.

How To Link

Please follow the steps below to link Module/Unit of Competency in bulk.

  • TEAMS > Student > Academic >  Bulk Modules/Enrolments Allocation

  • The Bulk Modules/Enrolments Allocation screen opens. You can select the module which you want to link to the enrolments and enter the Enrolment Between dates for which you want to search the current enrolments for. Select the course from the Course parameter look up to make it easier to see as the specific enrolments.

  • Now click the search icon (magnifying glass).

  • The list of current enrolments appears with course BSB30112. Select all the enrolments for which you want to link this Module/Unit of competency and Save.

  • A dialog box appears stating that the screen could take more or less time to save the data. By pressing OK, your data gets saved and the screen refreshes itself. All the enrolments which were selected has this module linked with it.
Still having trouble?

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