How to mark results for an Individual Enrolment

Step 1 Open an enrolment in the Enrolment Centre (TEAMS > Student > Enrolment Centre).

Step 2 Once an enrolment opens, go to Student Result screen (Enrolment Centre > Academic > Student Result Screen).

Student Result Screen will open:

Step 3 Select the Result Type and enter the Result Date which you want to mark for a specific module and then Save the screen.

Please Note – You cannot enter a Result Date that is in the FUTURE or greater (after) the Enrolment End Date. A user can only mark progressive results with a future result date i.e. Continuing Enrolment and Results not available (reported under state requirements).

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to select the SAVE entry icon in the top left hand corner of the screen to save what you have just done. If you don’t and you close the screen, you changes will NOT be saved.

Still having trouble?

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