How to remove or add units/modules in an enrolment

Step 1 – Open the enrolment in the Enrolment Centre for which you wish to remove or add the units from.


Step 2 – Go to Enrolment Subject Module screen from Enrolment Centre > Academic.


Step 3 – Once the Enrolment Subject Module screen opens, select the units/modules which you wish to remove from the enrolments record and press SAVE button on the top left hand side corner. The screen would refresh and the selected units/modules will be removed.


Step 4 – Once the units are removed, select the new units which you wish to link to the enrolment from the ‘Add Elective Other Competencies’ look up icon.


Please Note  – If you are unable to find new units/modules in the look up icon, that means either the unit code which you are searching is incorrect or that unit/module is not present in your TEAMS site. In such case, please call TEAMS Support at 1300 85 0585 or send an email to

Still having trouble?

If you’re having any difficulty or have questions that you can’t find answers to here, please feel free to send us an email at or call us on 1300 85 05 85. We’re happy to help!