How to update Attendance

In TEAMS, user only need to record absence of the student. To update the absence, follow the below steps :-

Step 1 – Go to TEAMS > Student > Academic > Weekly Attendance screen

Step 2 – Select the following parameters:-

  • Timetable – Select the timetable from the Timetable look up icon for which you want to mark the absence.
  • Start Date & End Date: Enter the start date & end date of the week for which you want to update the absence.

Step 3 – Click on the Get Classes button.

Step 4 – Choose the session/class from the Class drop down menu. Screen will get refreshed automatically on selecting class.

A timetable can have more than one class/session. You can’t mark the attendance for all the sessions at once so you need to select one session at one time and mark the absence for that session first, save the entry. Then select the other class/session and update the absence.

Step 5 – Click on the Get Students button. All the students which are allocated to this timetable will appear.Step 6 – To mark the absence for a student, you can select the tick box appearing against that student for the date on which the student was absent.

When you select the tick box, one number will appear which will represent the absent hours and will be equal to the class/session time. For example, If the class/session for which you are updating the absence is for 2 hrs then on selecting this tick box, 2 absent hours will appear.

If there is any case that student is absent only for specific time then you can edit the number of absent hours accordingly. For example: If student is absent for 1 hr from 2 hrs session then you can edit the number from 2 to 1 after selecting the tick box.

Step 7 – Save the screen after updating the absence by clicking on Save Entry button.

Still having trouble?

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