Module Screen VFH Fields – Field Description

This article explains the different types of VFH fields available in Fee Help Tab and Funding Fee Setup Tab from module Screen in TEAMS.

Fee Help Tab

Module Screen VFH Fields (TEAMS > Setup > Academic > Module Screen > Fee Help Tab)

Attendance Code – A code which identifies the mode of attendance by which the student undertakes a unit of study OR the mode of attendance for a preference or offered course as indicated by an applicant.

The EFTSL value representing the student load for a unit of study.

Discipline Code – A code which uniquely identifies the discipline to which a unit of study is classified by the Higher Education Provider/VET provider.

Funding Fee Setup Tab

Module Screen > Funding Fee Setup Tab (New Tab)

A new Funding Fee Setup Tab has been added in the Module screen on the basis of which the Total Tuition Amount is calculated. 

In this tab, a user can select Enrolment Type, Funding Source National, State, Delivery Type and then enter the Nominal Hours and Hourly Rate. The Total Amount is a calculative field which displays (Nominal Hrs * Hourly Rate) amount.

This is a grid entry and multiple values can be added for different combinations of Enrolment Type, Funding Source National, State and Delivery Type. The Total Tuition amount will be allocated to that enrolment, which has the same combination of Enrolment Type, Funding Source National, State and Delivery Type.

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