Module Transition/Migration Process

A new screen for Module Migration Mapping has been created in TEAMS > Setup > Academic by using which two versions of the same module can be mapped together. For Ex:- Let’s say for BSBADM308A – Process Payroll module a new version was released by which is  BSBADM408A – Prepare financial reports (just a dummy example). So, a user has to select the old module in the screen below:-

Then, on the next step the new module can be linked to the older module as shown below and FINISH the Migration process:-

Now, if a user tries to transition an enrolment from TEAMS > Student > Enrolment Centre > Action > Transition Student from old course (consisting of old modules) to new course (consisting of new modules) then the system will display the results for the new module version according to the following rules:-

If there is a mapping defined and there is a FINAL successful result for the old version of the module then student will get the Credit Transfer result for the new version of the same module.

While Transitioning

If there is a mapping defined and there is FAIL result for the OLD module then the system will assign no result for the new mapped module.

While Transitioning

Making older modules active

In the past, many clients reported that if a user transitioned an enrolment from one course to another then all the modules of the old course linked to the enrolment became inactive and they were not able to make any change in the student result screen. To remove this problem, we have introduced ‘Keep Older Modules Active’ tick box in the Transition Student screen. If a user ticks this tick box while transitioning an enrolment then all the older modules linked to the enrolment will remain active.

Also, if a user need to flag a specific module as active for an enrolment which had been made inactive during the transition process then a new tick box for ‘Inactive’ has been added in the Enrolment Subject/Module Screen (TEAMS > Student > Enrolment Centre > Academic > Enrolment Subject/Module Screen) by using which selective modules can be made active. By default, this tick box will be ticked for all the modules which were made inactive during the transition process. For the modules which need to be flagged as active, a user can un-select the tick box SAVE the screen and they will be made active by the system once the screen refreshes.

Still having trouble?

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