New Result Type – 41 — Incomplete due to RTO closure

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Change Introduced

This article describes how to use the new Result Type 41- Incomplete due to RTO closure.

Change Introduced

A result type/outcome identifier ‘41 — Incomplete due to RTO closure’ has been added in TEAMS as per NCVER specifications.

Outcome Identifier – 41 – Incomplete due to RTO Closure is reported when the training organisation ceases operations while training activity is still in progress.

Outcome 41 — incomplete due to RTO closure should be reported rather than outcome 40 — withdrawn/discontinued or outcome 70 — continuing activity to ensure that the client’s Unique Student Identifier transcript displays a final outcome indicating that the inability to complete the training activity was due to circumstances beyond the client’s control.


Examples of who may report Outcome identifier — national 41:

-> Training organisations (for all incomplete enrolments) when they know that their
organisation is ceasing operations before the training activity can be completed.

-> State and territory training authorities for incomplete enrolments received from training
organisations that have closed.

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