Qualification Issued Register Screen

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

You can find this screen from TEAMS > Student > Academic > Qualification Issued Register.

This screen shows you the enrolments as per Completed Qual Status of the enrolment i.e.

Qual Issued tab: If Comm. Qual status is Full.

SOA Issued tab: If Comm. Qual status is SOA.

N/A tab: If Comm. Qual status is N/A

How the screen looks before:

 What’s New

We have made some changes on the screen. Below are the generic changes for each tab.

  1. We have renamed the column of Date Issued to Date of Entry.
  2. Certificate # column has been removed.
  3. Currently, there is one column for Campus/course but that has been separated into two different columns.
  4. In addition to the above, we have also added another new column for Total Units after the Course column. This column will print Total Successful / Total Required unit count i.e. 25/25 or 4/25.

Important: These counts are inclusive of CT, RPLG & RCCG result types.

Important: Also, there is a hyperlink on the count ie: 25/25 which will then open the student result screen for the specific enrolment.

5) Employer Name column has been renamed as Employer and now it will show you the Employer Code and the system will show you the Employer Name as a tooltip on the mouse hover.

6) Another new column for USI has been introduced after the VSN # column as follows:


7) Timetable column will now show the timetable code and on the mouse hover, the system will display you timetable name.

All of the above changes generic in nature i.e we can see them on Qual Issued, SOA Issued and N/A tabs.

There are some SOA tab specific changes:

  1. Course column has been removed reason being when an SOA is issued then the RTO never show a course/qual code on it as the student does NOT get issued the statement for the course/qual, it is only the successful results for the competencies/modules that are being issued a statement and the auditor needs to see this not the course/qual information.
  2. Just to bring more transparency we have introduced Competencies column. This column will populate comma-separated competency codes who have successful results linked to the enrolment.


Important Change:

If a user generates a report more than once on the same day, that normally would write a record to the Qualifications Issued Register, right now it is happening and which is wrong.

We only need to have one entry on the same day because if there was a mistake in the generated report the first time and you had to fix it and regenerate the report, which will write another entry in the Qualification Issued Register and which is wrong.

So just to resolve these situations we have stopped writing multiple entries for the same date (that is the Date of Entry which was Date Issued) for the same enrolment.