Whats New – February no 1 – Transitioning a Student: new process within Enrolment Centre

Transitioning a Student: new process within Enrolment Centre
How do I transition a student from one qualification to another in TEAMS?


There is a new process in TEAMS that allows you to keep only one enrolment and transition a student from one qualification to another. Let’s say you were moving from the old THH training package to the SIT training package and there are students that you won’t teach out but rather you want to move them to the new SIT qualification, you would use this screen to complete this process.

To do this you must follow these steps:

Step 1: make sure the new qualifications are setup in your TEAMS site with the correct competencies/modules linked to them.

Step 2: open the relevant enrolment in the Enrolment Centre and then go to the Action button and select the option of Transition Student as below:

Step 3: the system will open the new Transition Student screen as below:

Step 4: You must enter the Transition Date (this will become an inactive date for the current modules/competencies linked to the enrolment). You then need to select the new course from the dropdown and select the GO button. The system will then load all the COMPULSORY competencies/modules linked to the selected course as below:

where the new course/qualification has competencies/modules that were in the old course/qualification and the enrolment had a result the system will show this as in the example highlighted above.

Step 5:  You can mark any results, for example RPL, DCT etc that you wish for any competency/module listed in the screen and then save the entry. The system will use the Transition Date as the result date for any results you have entered for the new competencies/modules. At this point you have completed the transition of a student from one qualification/course to another within the one enrolment. It is important that you understand some business rules the system has applied for the competencies/modules, results and attendance for the original enrolment.

Business Rules :-

1.You will still be able to see the results for the old competencies/modules in the Student Results screen but they will be read only as below:    

Read only entries will show the competency/module code in black. Any module/competency that was in both the old and new qualification/course will still be active and can have the result changed etc.

2.In the Enrolment Subject/Module screen you will still see the old competencies/modules but as with the student results screen they will be read only and cannot be deleted as below:

3.In the system and viewable in the Enrolment Centre > Attendance tab you will still be able to see the old entries of attendance but you can delete them as below:

4.In all report parameter screens where a report displays the competencies/modules you will see a tick box for Show Inactive Modules/Competencies and Subjects as below:

Only if you select this tick box will the system print all the old competencies/modules for the original enrolment. If you do not select this it will only print the new qualification/course competencies/modules and subjects

5.For the SRC (Student Resource Centre) there is a new system setting For Transition Enrolments Display and you have to select one of the following options that are:
a)All modules/competencies and subjects (including active ones)
b)Only current active modules/competencies and subjects

IMPORTANT :  The system will NOT delete any old competency/module or subject when doing the transition process as they can/will be linked to ATTENDANCE and RESULTS.