How to create Email Templates in TEAMS

How to create Email Templates in TEAMS

To create email templates in TEAMS goto:

 TEAMS>> Marketing>> General>> Email Templates


The email template screen opens. Enter the Email Title, this is only visible to TEAMS user for eg, Test Email Template.

The next field is the Email Subject field, this is the subject line of the email which will be visible to the students/enrolments when they receive this email. You must add this field very carefully.

Template Type field lets you decide as to where you want to apply this template, i.e. for students, or enrolments. The student will not have the course information because he may have been enrolled in more than one course, so to create a very course specific enrolment template Enrolment must be selected.

Depending upon the Template Type parameter the Available Fields dropdown will display the values differently. If Student type is selected then the enrolments field won’t be visible here. Once all the parameters are selected, you can start typing the email along with the Merge fields or the Place Holders by adding them. For eg, you want system to pick First Name of every student at the start, after entering Dear search for the First Name place holder, put the pointer where you want to put the Place Holder for First Name and click Add.

You can add as many merged fields/place holders as you want like Student No, CRICOS Course Name etc and type your email content.

You can tick the tick box Display in Trainer Portal if you wish to use this template in Trainer Portal.

Click on the Save icon and email template will be created automatically.

You can use Email Merge screen to send emails.