How to enter a new student in TEAMS

For information on how to enter a new student in TEAMS, please either watch the below video OR read the step by step instructions:-

Step 1: Open the Student Entry screen (TEAMS > Student > General > Student Entry Screen).

Step 2: The Details tab is where you enter the primary information for a Student. If you would like to record student’s employer information you will need to set the Employer prior to entering a student. Once the employer has been setup select the Is Employed tick box and using the Employer lookup icon select the employer from the list. Then select the ACC from the ACC drop down field.

If the student is overseas you need to select the ‘Overseas’ radio button so when the student is enrolled they can have a Visa and OSHC information linked to them. Once the student has been selected as Overseas the Overseas tab will become enabled.

If you would like to send emails and SMS’ to the Student you will need to enter their email address and mobile phone #.

If you would like the student to have access to the SRC (Student Resource Centre) you will need to enter a login and current password into these fields. You can also set TEAMS to automatically generate the SRC login and password when you enter the student. Please contact TEAMS Support.

If you would like to track marketing statistics to see how well your marketing efforts are you should select the Marketing Source from the list. This is a user code and should be setup prior to entering the student. To setup more user codes see the video, how to create User Codes in TEAMS.

If you would like to track the progress of your marketing staff and their figures you should select the staff members name that is responsible for the student from the Account Manager drop down box. To setup more Account Managers see the video, how to create Resources in TEAMS.

Step 3: Go to the Addresses tab to enter the address information for a Student. If the local address and mailing address are the same you can select the Copy Address tick box next to the Mailing Address field and this will copy the local address into the mailing address fields.

When you are entering the Suburb for the addresses you need to type the Suburb name into the Suburb field and select the lookup icon next to it. If the suburb appears in the list select the suburb. If not close the lookup and enter the State, Post Code and Country for the suburb into the matching fields. When you select the Save Entry icon to save the student this information will save and when you want to link the suburb to another entity it will appear in the lookup.

Please Note: If you constantly fill out the Suburb, State, Post Code and Country information for the same suburb without using the lookup icon you will get double up suburbs which will cause your data to become messy.

If you would like to send Mail Merges to the Student a mailing address must be entered.

Step 4: Go to the Next of Kin tab to enter the details of the next of kin for the Student.

Again, use the lookup icon next to the Suburb field to select the suburb from the lookup. If it does not appear in the lookup enter the information manually.

Step 5: If you selected Overseas radio button, the Overseas Information tab will be enabled. Enter the Overseas information into this tab. While there is no information that is mandatory in this tab it is recommended that if you have the information you enter it in here so all your data is in one central place.

Step 6: The Contact Log tab is used to log the contact that occurs between staff and students. If you have had any contact with the Student you should enter this into the Contact Log tab. Before entering the Contact Log information you will need to setup the Student Log Type as a User Code.

To enter Contact Logs for a Student simply follow the steps below:

a) In the Contact Date field enter the date the contact occurred.
b) If the user you are logged in as is not the person who made the contact select the correct user from the User Name combo box.
c) Select the Log Type of the contact
d) Select the Details icon to type in some details about the contact.
e) Select the Add button in the notes section. This will automatically add the entry to the grid.
f) Select the Add button to the right.

Step 7: Go to the documents tab to upload documents for the Student.

Don’t forget to select the SAVE ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen to SAVE what you have just entered. If you close out of the screen before selecting your entry will NOT be saved. Also, to create a new entry you MUST select the NEW ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen so the screen can be refreshed and ready for the next entry. If you leave your current information in the screen and type over it you are MODIFYING the entry.

Still having trouble?

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