How to send Emails and SMS using Merges

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How To Use Merges

This article describes how to send Emails and SMS using Merges.

How To Use Merges

Please follow these steps for sending Emails and SMS using Merges:

Step 1: TEAMS>> Marketing>> Merges>> Email Merge

The Mail Merge wizard opens. You can decide the entity to which you want to send the emails.

If you want to send a very Course Specific Information email such as, attendance warnings, course progress or fees overdue information, you need to select Enrolment Radio button and go Next

Step 2:  Criteria Selection Screen has two tabs 1. Standard Search and 2. Advanced Search, from where you can use the parameters to extract the list of required enrolments.

For example click on the Enrolments Between radio button and enter the dates. You can also use other parameters as per your requirement.

On the Advanced Search tab the parameters for Attendance Warning, Course Progress and Fees overdue are present. For sending emails regarding Attendance Warning you can tick the tick box for Attendance Warning, the radio buttons for Current Attendance, Overall Attendance, Periodic Attendance or Rolling Attendance appear. You can select which attendance you want system to calculate. For example if you select Current Attendance radio button, then put Attendance As At date as today’s date and Attendance of 80% and Next.

Now the system will look at all the enrolments and calculate their current attendance as at the given date and it will pick up all the enrolments which have the attendance percentage equals to 80% or below.

You can use it for Overdue Fees Warning as well with the similar logic.

If the enrolment has the valid email address, only then those will appear on successful result tab.

and the enrolments without the valid email address will appear on unsuccessful results tab.

Once the list of enrolments appear then you can select the enrolments to which you want to send the emails and click Next


Step 3: For Sending Email, you can either type in the email message body and click on the finish button to send the email or you can select the pre-defined templates to send the emails. Once you have selected the template then you need to click Finish button to send the email.

The final screen appears which tells you that the emails have been sent.

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