How to send Surveys from TEAMS

For information on how to send Surveys from TEAMS, please either watch the below video OR read the step by step instructions:-

Step 1 – Go to Survey Creator screen from TEAMS > Setup > Organization.

Step 2 – Once the screen opens, you can click on the SEND icon and a screen similar to Email Merge Parameter selection screen will be open from where you can select different parameters to search a group of students.

Step 3 – Once the system loads a list of students, you can select the students to which you wish to send the surveys.

Step 4 – Upon clicking on NEXT button, the Compose Email screen will open from where you can select an Email Template which you have created for sending out surveys and press FINISH. For more information on how to create an email template in TEAMS, kindly refer the post – How to create Email Templates in TEAMS.

Step 5 – You can also click on the ANALYSE icon > View Request tab to check the status of your requests. This page will show you that which students have Completed the survey and which students have yet to be completed i.e. pending.

Step 6 – Once all the surveys are filled out by the students, you can go to the Survey Data Export screen (TEAMS > Setup > Financials) to generate a survey export which you can upload to the SMART system later on.

Still having trouble?

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