How To START an Individual Enrolment & Enrolments in Bulk

This article describes  how to start an individual enrolment from the Enrolment Centre and how to start enrolments in bulk using the Starters Confirmation List.

Before You Start

It is important for the system to know that the students have commenced their studies so they will be considered as a ‘current student’ in TEAMS. To do this you MUST start the enrolment.

If you do NOT start an enrolment they will not show in the reports for current students, class rolls etc and they will NOT show in your AVETMISS data exports and other process screens like results, attendance etc.

How to START an individual Enrolment

Step 1 – Open the Enrolment (TEAMS > Student > Enrolment Centre) which you want to flag as Started.

Step 2 – Go to Enrolment Centre > Action > Start