How to upload documents using the Documents Tab

This article is about how to upload documents using the Documents Tab.

Before You Start

The Documents Tab in screens and centres is another example of a Grid Entry tab or screen. The documents tab is used to upload and store documents against different objects in TEAMS such as Prospective Students, Students, Enrolments, Agents etc.

Uploading Document

1. To upload documents in the Documents Tab, click on the Documents tab of the screen in which you want to upload the document.

2. Click on the Upload button from the Document Name field. This will open a screen that allows you to browse and select files from your computer or another computer or another computer on your Network for uploading into TEAMS.

Navigate through your computer/network to locate the document you want to upload and select the open button as highlighted below.

3. After clicking on the open button, system will start uploading all the documents. You will not see any upload processing. The window will automatically gets close after the upload is complete by the system.


4. Once the upload is finished you will be taken back to the Documents Tab top line where you will see information in the Document Name field. If you want to write information about the document select the Details icon and enter it in the text box. Select the Add button.

Documents will be added to the grid and if you don’t want to have any details for the document/s, then simply click on the Add button to add the documents into the grid.

5. However, if you are uploading a document for a student or their enrolment and you want the student to be able to see the information in the Student Portal then select the Public Document tick box. This will make the document appear in the Student Portal under one of the documents menu’s based on where it has been uploaded from.

Note:- If you have added the document into the grid already you will need to select the Edit icon against the line item to be able to select this tick box for the entry as shown below.

6. Select the Add icon to add the entry back into the grid.

7. You then need to select the Save Documents button to save the documents.

Your documents will be uploaded.

And if you want to have a document type, you first need to create it from User Code screen. You can setup this prior to uploading documents but it is not mandatory to select the document type. To create a document type, on the User Codes screen, select the Code Type as per your requirement from the drop-down options.

Still having trouble?

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