Intervention Screen

When you initiate an intervention with a student for one of their enrolments, this screen allows you to capture and monitor the level of intervention they are placed on, when it commenced and what the outcome is. 

The Intervention Status screen can be accessed from the Enrolment centre > Academic button > Intervention menu option. Based on client’s feedback, we have introduced the following new fields on this screen –

  1. Warning based On

  2. As At Date

  3. Warning Start Date

  4. Warning End Date

  5. Next Appointment Date

  6. Last Appeal Date

Warning Based On – Warning based on would be used to identify that you have placed a student on a trial or warning period and there would be an outcome to this period. This field allows you to define that period of time with either a finish date using an As At Date or for a period of time with a start and end date. The options in this dropdown are system coded, which means you cannot add or remove them.  The options are: 

As At Date – when you select this option the As At Date field will show and it will be mandatory and you won’t be able to add the entry into the grid to save until you have entered a date.

Warning Period –  when you select this option the date fields for Warning Start Date and Warning End Dates will show and they will be mandatory. You will not be able to add the entry to the grid to save it until you have entered dates into both fields.

Next Appointment Date – where you are meeting with the student to monitor their intervention you can use this field to enter when you next meeting is with them so that it can be used as a merge field in your email, SMS and report templates to send the student messages or a letter.

Last Appeal Date – by entering the last date for appeal for the intervention you can then use the merge field in your email, SMS and report templates to send the student messages or a letter.

Where you initiate and add an intervention status to the grid and save, the system will then display an “i” icon in the Enrolment Centre > Enrolment Summary > Compliance Information & Alerts section at the bottom. Only when you update the intervention entry in the Intervention screen with an Intervention Outcome that is successful will the i icon on the Enrolment Centre disappear.