New System Setting – Alt Seq # = 0 do not consider in new sequence checks

This article describes New System Setting – Alt Seq # = 0 do not consider in new sequence checks.

Change Introduced

In TEAMS, there is a system setting ‘Auto-populate training plan dates’ by using which training plan dates i.e. module start and end dates can be calculated by the system automatically.

However, some RTOs have reported a problem in this system setting. If this setting is turned on, then TEAMS calculates training plan dates automatically for all the units or modules regardless of the results linked to them.

This process is fine for units which a student must study within the course but for any RPL or Credit Transfer units, these auto generated training plan dates are wrong.

So, we have introduced a new sub-setting by using which the system will not calculate training plan dates for units or modules where alternate sequence # has been entered as 0 (zero). For all the other units (wherever the sequence # is present) the training plan dates will be calculated as per normal.

Things To Note

The new sub-setting will only be visible If –

  • The primary system setting ‘Auto-populate training plan dates’ is turned on.

  • Option for auto-calculation is selected as Enrolment Subject/Module screen (Alternate Sequence #) OR Both.

  • This setting will not appear for Course Sequence # radio button.

Still having trouble?

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