Phone Masking

This article is about how to use phone masking setting within TEAMS.

Phone Masking

Within TEAMS there is a phone masking setting that will affect every phone number field that shows in TEAMS whether it is a Mobile #, Work #, Fax #, International # etc. The phone masking tells the system what the format of phone numbers should be in – there is a separate setting for mobile numbers and normal numbers. The standard phone masking settings are xx xxxx xxxx for normal numbers and xxxx xxx xxx for mobile numbers. Each x represents a number. When entering numbers in TEAMS you just need to enter the correct amount of numbers and TEAMS will format them according the above setting so all numbers look the same.

There may be times you need to enter a phone number into TEAMS that cannot have phone masking applied to it for example international phone numbers. When you need to remove the masking simply enter a + at the start of the number. This + will remove any phone masking setting that is applied to the field. This will then enable you to enter as many numbers into the field as you need however it will not apply any formatting to the number so you need to be aware of where you are putting spaces.

Things To Note

Many of the items that have been mentioned in this document are based on permissions. The main permission driven icon is the Delete, New, Save and Edit Entry icons. If you need to delete etc an entry and you do not have permissions you will need to see your System Administrator or TEAMS contact to organise for the entry to be deleted etc.

Still having trouble?

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