Prospects Entry Screen

You can watch the video below and also read the step by step guide.

Details tab

Local or Overseas Student field – Previously when a user selected the option for Overseas and did not select anything for the sub option of Onshore or Offshore and tried to save the entry, the system would not let them save their changes.

We have changed this so that if the prospect student is NOT flagged as AVETMISS but they select the Overseas option, they will be able to save without having to select Onshore or Offshore.  This option only becomes mandatory when the prospect student is flagged as AVETMISS.

Preferences tab

We now have added a new label to Multi select the Accommodation Preferences and this label can be found under TEAMS > Marketing > General > Prospect Entry. Once the screen loaded, the new label will only appear when you tick the Require Accommodation tick box under Preferences Tab.

A user can select more than one Accommodation Preferences from this lookup and the system will display the selected values as comma separated.


In addition to the above, the above selected Accommodation Preferences (Accommodation Provider categories) will get selected by default on Accommodation Provider Search screen (Path: Proposal Wizard > Accommodation Tab > Search Accommodation Provider screen) which will be accessible from package Proposal screen. You can search, allocate and select fees as per usual while creating the Proposal.