Setup/use the Bulletin Board in TEAMS


The Bulletin Board is an online bulletin board where you can post messages to the students but it can also be used to post messages to agents or accommodation providers. Messages posted to the Bulletin Board are displayed in the following areas:

  • Student – Student Resource Centre (SRC)
  • Agents –¬†Agent Resource Centre (ARC)
  • Accommodation Providers –¬†Accommodation Provider Resource Centre (APRC)

Below are examples of where the program will use the information:

  • Student Resource Centre
  • Agent Resource Centre
  • Accommodation Provider Resource Centre

The Bulletin Board screen is divided up into 3 sections that are:

Section 1: This is where the Action button is located in the top left hand corner. It allows you to complete specific actions.

Section 2: This is where you can search for the message you have uploaded to the Bulletin Board.

Section 3: This will display any messages uploaded to the Bulletin Board.

How to Create a Bulletin Board Message

Step 1: Open the Bulletin Board screen.

Step 2: Select the Entity that you wish to create a Bulletin Board message for from the dropdown list.

Step 3: Select the Upload button and it will open a new Browse window to allow you to select the relevant document from your computer.Once you have selected the document it will display that document name in the read only field beside the Upload button.

Step 4: If you wish the Bulletin Board message you are creating to only be displayed for a set period of time from the date you create it, then enter a date that is the last day you wish it to be seen in the Expires field.
Step 5: If you wish to enter notes for the document enter them in the Document Description field.

Important: Once all of the above information is entered you MUST select the SAVE button next to the Upload button.