Student Entry Screen

We have made a number of changes in this screen that include:

Details tab

Local or Overseas Student field – previously when a user selected the option for Overseas and did not select anything for the sub option of Onshore or Offshore and tried to save the entry, the system would not let them save their changes.

We have changed this so that if the student is NOT flagged as AVETMISS but they select the Overseas option, they will be able to save without having to select Onshore or Offshore.  This option only becomes mandatory when the student is flagged as AVETMISS. 

Overseas Information tab

We have added a new date field in this tab for Passport Expiry Date.

This date field has also been included in the following screen:

  • Enrolment Centre > Visas tab

We have also added a new merge field for {Passport Expiry Date} in  the Enrolments Mail Merge Report.

Test Results tab

This is a tab where colleges can log any results of testing students in a simple way. For example a CRICOS colleges could store the IELTS or PTE score that a student received and added as part of their application process. Or if you have a non-ELICOS (English) type test, you could setup the Test Name and mark an overall score of it and ignore the columns for L:, R:, W:, S: & G: etc.

In this tab we have added a number of new fields for:

G: Score – this would traditionally be used as part of the L: (Listening), R: (Reading), W: (Writing) and S: (Speaking) fields that an ELICOS or any RTO that wishes to record ELICOS scores for a student. G is for Grammar.

This field has also been included in the following screen:

  • Enrolment Centre > Test Results

Test Location – this is a new User Code field.

This means you can setup the options that you see in the dropdown in the User Code screen. The Code Type to use for this dropdown is Test Location.

Important: This dropdown and the options you create in this screen for it, will appear in the Student entry screen on the Test Results tab.

You can setup all of the different testing locations that your student have their testing for IELTS, PTE etc done or where you do internal testing at your college you could have an entry for that as well.

Notes – This is a notes box that you can just enter extra information regarding the test or what you have received from the student or agent relating to the test entry that are adding.

Important: You can also see the new fields under Student Centre and Enrolment Centre’s Test Results tab.

For more details, Please watch the video below: