Student Holiday entry screen

Step 1: Go to TEAMS > General > Holiday entry or from the Enrolment Centre select the Academic button and Student Holidays

Step 2: Select the Student from the Student Name look up icon. If you have navigated to this page from the Enrolment Center this information will already be selected
Step 3:
Select the Holiday Type from the
drop down. This is a user code and can be setup in the User Code screen.

Step 4: Enter the Start and End Dates. If you know the # of weeks you can enter the Start Date and then enter the # of weeks of the holiday and TEAMS will calculate the end date for you.Please be aware you must enter full weeks into the Start and End dates e.g. if a student starts their holiday on Tuesday, their end date must be a Monday or if the student starts their holiday on Monday the end date must be a Sunday.

Step 5: You need to decide if the Enrolment weeks for the student needs to be extended by the number of weeks of the holiday. If the student is studying for 20 weeks and takes 2 weeks holiday but the student still wants to study for 20 weeks then you would select the tick box next to the enrolment number to force TEAMS to move the end date forward by 2 weeks. In this situation if the student only wanted their enrolment to be extended for 1 week then you would not extend their enrolment, you would need to change their enrolment date manually.

Step 6: If you are entering Module/Competency Start and End dates against enrolments then when you extend the end date of the enrolment you may also wish to extend the Module/Competency end dates as well. For example the enrolment above has the existing Module/Competency End date:If you want the system to automatically extend the end date of the Module/Competency then you select the tick box against the enrolment # in the field for Extend Enrolment Modules as below:
On saving the entry the system will update the End date of the Module/Competency as shown below:

Step 7: Enter a reason the student is taking the holiday so that you have this information for the future.Don’t forget to select the SAVE ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen to SAVE what you have just entered. If you close the screen before selecting SAVE ENTRY your entry will NOT be saved.

To create a new entry you MUST select the NEW ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen so the screen can be refreshed and ready for the next entry. If you leave your current information in the screen and type over it you are MODIFYING the entry.