Survey Changes in TEAMS (Learner Questionnaire)

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Before You Start

This article describes the changes made in the survey section of TEAMS.

Before You Start

Currently in TEAMS, we have a survey creator feature that has the two surveys (questionnaires) that RTOs are meant to send to their Learners (students) and Employers (where applicable, funded RTOs that do apprenticeships and/or traineeships) as part of their compliance requirements as an RTO.

Traditionally this was always done via paper in most RTOs. We built this section many years ago and many users of TEAMS do not know about this system.

On review of the current functionality available, we have introduced some changes and new functionality to simply the survey process in TEAMS.

For more information on how to use survey functionality in TEAMS, have a look at the below video.

Change in Survey Form Format

Following change has been introduced in the Survey functionality in TEAMS:-

The format of the Learner Questionnaire has changed to match the ASQA requirements. Earlier, the answer options used to be under each question which made the form lengthy. This has been changed to the following view to make the form compact and simple to use.

Earlier, the Learner Questionnaire used to be a multiple page form but it has been changed to a single page form.

Changes on View Request Tab  

In the Survey Creator screen, the View Requests tab displays the information about the status of surveys which have been sent so far from TEAMS. (i.e. Pending or Completed).

Following new columns have been added in this section:-

Resent Count – If a survey has been sent multiple times then the resent count will be displayed here.

Last Sent On – If a survey has been resent then the date on which it was resent will be displayed here.

Resend – If you wish to resend a survey, then this button can be pressed and the system will take the user to the compose email screen from where the survey can be resent.

Still having trouble?

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