Unsubscribing entities from Email/SMS list

A new tick box for “Marketing Email” and “Marketing SMS” has been added in the Email template and SMS template screens, so that users can flag an email or SMS template as a marketing template.

Email Template Screen


SMS Template Screen


A new “Unsubscribe” tick box has been added in the Student, Prospect, Agent and Employer Entry Screen so that users can flag a student, prospect, agent or employer as unsubscribed for marketing email or marketing SMS.

Student Entry Screen


Prospect Entry Screen


Agent Entry Screen


Employer Entry Screen


A new tick box has been added in the Email and SMS merge standard search tab for “Exclude Unsubscribe” and if a user ticks this option in the search parameters then unsubscribed students, enrolments, prospects, proposals, agents and employers do not appear in the list BUT if a user forgets to select this tick box then on the last step if Marketing template is selected then the system will not include unsubscribed students while sending emails or SMS.

Email Merge > Student (Standard search parameter screen)


Email Merge > Enrolment (Standard search parameter screen)


Email Merge > Prospect (Standard search parameter screen)


Email Merge > Proposal (Standard search parameter screen)


Email Merge > Agent (Standard search parameter screen)


Email Merge > Employer (Standard search parameter screen)


Also, a friendly warning message also gets displayed on the last step that if “Exclude Unsubscribe” tickbox is not selected on Email merge standard search parameter screen.

WARNING: If this email is a marketing campaign message then you have NOT selected the tick box for Exclude Unsubscribed. If you continue with this wizard any {object name} with the unsubscribed set will receive the message.”

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