USI Generation Functionality for Students with Single Name

Many of our CRICOS clients have reported that sometimes there are some overseas students who only have Single Name i.e. First Name. So, in that case there has been a problem with the USI generation functionality because TEAMS generate the USI number based on Students First and Last Name.

To overcome this problem, we have added a new tickbox on the Student Entry Screen > USI Form of ID tab by using which student’s single name can be mentioned and thus the USI can be generated without any problem.

The tickbox for ‘Does this student have one name?’ appears only if the ‘Document Verification Service Document’ is selected as ‘Visa (With Non- Australian Passport)’. Upon enabling this tickbox, a ‘Student Name’ field will appear where the user can enter the single name of the student and generate the USI number.


Still having trouble?

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