Author: Rashmi Mehra

Document/s Uploading Limit

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.


Before the update you could only upload documents up to 10 MB in size. Now we have increased the size of uploading documents to 20 MB. 

Important: It is important to understand that your internet must be at a decent speed for files this size to be uploaded within a 17minute timeframe. If it isn’t then after 17minutes the process will time out and you will receive an error.

This change affects all screens and processes where documents can be uploaded.

Student Performance Report

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

Under the Enrolment Centre’s Compliance Information & Alerts section, there is a field for Student Progress which provide you course progress ratios & percentages. Recently we made changes in the logic of calculating the Course progress ratio and percentages. We have also updated this new logic in this report. You can find this report by going to TEAMS button > Student > Academic Reports III > Student Performance Report.

Clients use this report to monitor and manage Course Progress, which can also be called Student Progress. The report is based on a study period of time and will only accurately work if in the parameter screen the user selects the option of Module Start and End Dates for the highlighted field below:


You must choose this option and also have accurate module end dates in the enrolment subject module screen for this report to work.

For your CRICOS compliance requirements you need to find out if each student in a course (enrolment) is progressing successfully or not for each of their study periods. You can have set/fixed study period start and end dates, which usually is when they also have Intakes of students at the commencement of a study period. However, if you allow students to progressively start anywhere within a study period then each student enrolment has its own unique study period and the system knows this, based on the system setting for term period and it shows this information in the Enrolment Centre > Academic > Study Period Info screen as below:

If on the other hand you only allow students to commence their enrolment at the start of a new study period and you set correct module start and end dates, then all students commencing in an Intake for a course generally will have the same Study Period information and dates and their module start and end dates for each of their modules/competencies or subjects would be the same. 

So, as long as when a user enters dates in the report parameter screen for Module Start and End Dates and a student has subjects or modules/competencies with end dates within that period and they select the correct parameters, the report should be calculating the correct percentage for course/student progress.

The change is that while calculating the course progress ratio and percentage the system will not consider CT, RPL & RCC as successful results. Based on the date range entered in the parameter screen above for Module Start and End Dates, the system finds all enrolments that match the other parameters and then count for each enrolment how many subjects or modules/competencies (based on parameter of Subjects or Competencies) have a subject or module END date within the Module Start and End Dates parameter. Then for each of those modules how many have successful results? The system then has its ratio to calculate a percentage for the period.

For example: Enrolment 123 has four competencies with a module end date between the date range of 20/05/2019 to 04/08/2019 and of the four results are:

Competent x1
Credit Transfer (CT) x1
Continuing Enrolment x2

Course/student progress is as follows:

Ratio: 1:3
Percentages: 33.33%

Out of the four competencies only 3 can be considered for this study period and there is only 1 competency with a successful result so ratio = 1:3. This is because CT, RPL Granted & RCC Granted means the student will not do any assessments or study any module/competency with one of these results against it, so the CT result above has not been counted. 

On Compliance Information & Alerts section, Student progress will show the progress with new logic and we have also introduced one new field which is right next to student progress and defined as Not Counted it will show the count when the user put the  mouse over the NOT COUNTED field, a tooltip will show the following information:

Module Code – Module Name – Result – Result Date

Module Code – Module Name – Result – Result Date

These modules are not getting counted in the total and successful modules.

The course progress can also be seen when you will send emails/SMS to the students with the use of  merges.

You can read more information on this in the Student Results Screen.

Starters Report

You Can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

In the starters report, we have added new merge fields for the new fields which we have added in the Package Proposal Screen as well as some other fields that clients had requested. You can find the report from TEAMS > Student >  General Reports – II > Starters Report. The new fields are – 

  • Student First Name

  • Student Last Name

  • Student Email Address 2

  • Student Email Address 3

  • Student Type – New/Returning

  • Orientation Required – Yes/No

  • Upsell /Extension

  • Internal Package

  • External Package

  • External Start Date

Important – You need to make sure that you have entered the data for the above fields in TEAMS for the student if you want them to be printed into the Starters Report.

See below the screenshot of generated Starters Report.

Agent Commission Payment Screen

You can watch the video below and also read the step by step guide.

Clients use this screen to record the agent commission payment entries if the commission is not pre-deducted. You can find this screen under TEAMS button > Agent > Financial > Commission Payment Entry. Earlier, on this screen, you could only see the agent invoice numbers but now we have added a new field which is for student invoice. Student’s invoice number which relates to that agent commission invoice will appear under Student invoice  #. It is located right next to Course/Campus field. You can see this new field Stu Inv # under both tabs- Unpaid/Partially Paid & Payment Entries.

On this screen, we had Enr Start Date field which shows the start date of the enrolment but now we have changed the label name for Enr Start Date to Enr Dates. This field will show you the Start and End Date of the enrolment.

New system setting for – Allow Enrolments to be started # days before enrolment start date

You can either watch the below video or read the step by step guide.

TEAMS doesn’t allow you to start an enrolment where the enrolment start date is in the future. We have introduced a new system setting which for Allow Enrolments to be started # days before enrolment start date. In this field, you can add the number of days as per your requirement which will allow enrolment to be started # days before the actual start date.

Once this setting has been updated, let’s say to 3 then you can start an enrolment up to a maximum of 3 days (calendar days) before the enrolment start date.  Where you have set a number like this and try to start the enrolment say 4 days before the enrolment start date the system will show you a Warning message as below:

You can either start an enrolment directly from Enrolment Centre > Action button > Start or you can use Starters Confirmation List which you can find under TEAMS button > Student > Academic > Starters Confirmation List. Both of these screens will display this warning message where needed. 

Important: if you wish to use this setting you need to contact our support staff via to request this setting be set and you must list how many days you wish it to be set to.

Edit AVETMISS screen

You can watch the video below and also read the step by step guide.

In the Edit AVETMISS screen there is a field for Date Program Completed, as shown below. This field has been in this screen for some time, we have just changed the logic of how it works slightly.

When we introduced this field there was a system setting also introduced that you needed to have set via our support staff. The system setting is as follows:

IMPORTANT: you cannot access this System Settings screen, only our support staff can access and save changes in this screen. We are showing you this screenshot so that if you wish to have yours changed, then you know the exact field to request changes in from our support staff.

By default the system is set to Enrolment End Date but you may have had it changed to one of the other options.

We identified a problem when an enrolment end date was edited and changed by a user, the system was not updating this field with the new enrolment end date. We have fixed this and the system will automatically update this date based on the enrolment end date being changed. 

IMPORTANT: this is only required to have a date in it for your enrolments that are VET and will be exported in your AVETMISS exports. You cannot leave this date blank otherwise you will get an error in your AVETMISS submissions.