There is new compliance requirement being released in 2014 for ALL RTOs; that is in February/March of each year, commencing in 2014, RTOs must submit their student data in the AVETMISS 2014 format; for the previous calendar year. So in 2014 you will need to submit your student data for 2013.

WARNING: there are no exceptions to this rule, ALL RTOs whether they are funded or NOT, MUST submit this data annually.

With this in mind you MUST read this completely and follow all steps so that your data is cleaned up and ready for you to complete AVETMISS data exports from TEAMS.

What do you need to do?

1. Courses/Qualifications in TEAMS – For all funded clients you will notice a change on the AVETMISS tab for the Course/Qualification screen in TEAMS. We have done this as there are a number of AVETMISS settings that we had at the ‘State’ level that in reality are a National set of data settings which should remain the same no matter what State you are delivering in. Most of the AVETMISS settings that you set at the State level were moved to the new layout and are mainly all National settings. We will be setting the National settings as a standard in TEAMS for each Qualification and any Course that is listed on the www.training.gov.au site.

2. Modules/Competencies in TEAMS – There will be a similar change to the AVETMISS tab in TEAMS that we have done for Courses & Qualifications. However, for Modules & Competencies there are not as many National level settings, they are mainly State level ones. You MUST make sure all your Competencies and Modules are flagged as VET and have the correct settings.

IMPORTANT: This is not in this release; it will be in a future release that should happen very soon. You will be able to use the Bulk Module(s) Avetmiss Settings found under the Setup > Financials menu to update the information in a bulk fashion.

3. Campus Screen (Victoria Only) – It is CRITICAL that you read the support page for the changes required for your campus/s.

4. Student Entry Screen (also prospect entry screen for prospect student) – unfortunately the powers that be have decided to make things very difficult for RTOs by changing the layout of their address data fields for both Campus and Student data. Our address fields have always been:

Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Address Line 3
Address Suburb
Address State
Address Post Code

But the requirements for addresses are now:

Building/Property Name
Unit Details
Street Name

Unfortunately not all of our clients have managed their address fields correctly for students and there is no logical way for us to map what is in the Local Address fields to the NAT Files. We have had to introduce a new Student AVETMISS Address fields section in the AVETMISS tab of the Student Entry screen and Prospect Entry screen for prospect Students.

As part of this we have taken any address that was in Student Local address and merged it to the Address Street Name field in the Student AVETMISS Address fields but clients MUST manually separate this address.

It is CRITICAL that you read the support page for the changes required.

To assist with identifying what students will be included in a calendar year export, both State and National level exports. This screen will identify all the students’ that should be included (based on their enrolment being flagged as started) and what AVETMISS settings are missing such as AVETMISS Flag is set, AVETMISS States, do all modules/competencies for the enrolment have start & end dates and results etc.

It also looks at enrolments that have not been flagged as started (too many clients are not using this flag properly, nor the finished flag as well, and hence could be missing large numbers of students from their files) so you can review if they should be flagged as started and included in your AVETMISS data files. From this list of students’ you will be able to open each student and fix their address details as well.

WARNING: all clients that are RTOs will need to first do this for ALL starting, continuing and finishing students in 2013. If you do NOT do this then you will get errors and you data may be rejected.

Please note: we will have a further release for AVETMISS 2014 but the above areas were the most critical items that you needed to do manual data clean up on.

It is the responsibility of all clients to maintain and manage their data! RTO Success Group Pty Ltd, including RTO Software Pty Ltd, does not take any responsibility if this work is not done or done incorrectly. We have provided the required new data fields and information on what to do, as well as a new screen to allow you the ability to know what data should be included in your AVETMISS data submissions as well as to clean this data up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you believe that you do not have the manpower to get this work done in time, you may wish to take up one of our Virtual Assistants (VA’s) for a period to time to assist you with this work. Our VA’s are fully trained in TEAMS and the industry and are available on a Full Time ($1,100/per month inclusive of GST) or Part-Time ($660/per month inclusive of GST) basis. 

Still having trouble?

If you’re having any difficulty or have questions that you can’t find answers to here, please feel free to send us an email at support@rtosoftware.com.au or call us on 1300 85 05 85. We’re happy to help!