AVETMISS Error – Delivery Type Invalid or Missing

This article describes how to fix  AVETMISS Error ‘Delivery type Invalid or Missing.

How To Fix Error

In the NCVER National data AVETMISS submissions, the second most common error which most of the clients encounter is that delivery type is missing or invalid.

The ‘Delivery Mode Identifier must be 90 if Outcome Identifier – National is 51, 52 or 60’ error appears only when the delivery mode identifier is not selected as 90 (i.e. not applicable) for the following outcome identifier (student unit results):-

51 – Recognition of prior learning granted
52 – Recognition of prior learning not granted
60 – Credit transfer

To fix this error, you need to go to the Student Result Screen (TEAMS > Student > Enrolment center> Academic > Student Result Screen).

Select the Delivery Type as 90, wherever the result is either 51 – Recognition of prior learning granted, 52 – Recognition of prior learning not granted or 60 – Credit transfer.

Things To Note

If you are delivering training in a classroom for a module/unit of competency to a fee for service student, then delivery type should be selected as 10 – Classroom based.

Still having trouble?

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