AVETMISS Error- Qualification flag is ‘Y’ and ‘Course Commencing ID’ is 8 / Module enrolment only

This article describes how to fix AVETMISS Error – Qualification flag is ‘Y’ and ‘Course Commencing ID’ is 8/Module enrolment only.

Before You Start

This AVETMISS error appears if ‘Completed Qual’ for an enrolment is selected as FULL in the enrolment centre when ‘Competency Enrolment’ tick box is ticked in the Edit AVETMISS screen.

How To Fix Error

To fix this error, you need to select the ‘Completed Qual’ as SOA for a Module Only or Competency Only enrolment i.e. an enrolment for which ‘Competency Enrolment’ tick box is ticked.

Edit AVETMISS Screen

Enrolment Centre

Still having trouble?

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