How do I do an AVETMISS Export in TEAMS?



This how to guide will show you how to use the AVETMISS Export screen.

The AVETMISS Export screen is used to generate a data file extraction for each State AVETMISS. The specific state will determine the files that are extracted and the position of the date in the files. 

Please note: for Western Australia there will only be 3 files included in the zip file, other states will have 10 NAT files.

You do not do any data entry in this screen; in fact, it is very similar to the TEAMS Report Parameter screens. You select the parameters you wish to extract data on and then select the EXPORT button and the system will start the data extraction process.

There is a sequence to selecting the parameters in this screen and it is explained in the How To section.

Step 1: Select the State that you wish to generate the data extraction for. This is absolutely critical as the system requires this information to know what format and rules to follow for the extraction.

Step 2: Enter the dates in the Start and End Date fields.

WARNING: You must follow these date formats for the different States:

NSW – If you are doing individual student exports then you MUST enter the student’s enrolment start and end dates in these fields. If you are doing PPP export or a bulk export then follow the other state date formats.

WA – Currently we don’t use this as a parameter to extract data, so you could follow the Other States dates format or even enter today’s date + today’s date, so let’s say 01/01/2009 and 01/01/2009 and it will still extract all the enrolment data for the appropriate students. WA standards have not identified business rules around dates of data.

Other States – You MUST enter the entire calendar year dates. For example whatever calendar year you are creating the export for, let’s say 2009, then you MUST enter 01/01/2009 to 31/12/2009. You cannot just enter 01/01/2009 to 31/01/2009 as this will be rejected.

Step 3: Select the campus you wish to generate the export for. Until you select a campus you will not see any Courses/Qualifications

Step 4: Select the Courses/Qualifications that you wish to include in the export.

Step 5: Enter an email address that you wish TEAMS to email the zipped files to. This is just a backup precaution as you will be directed to the Report Centre to download the zipped files;(not for WA AVETEMISS export -WA AVETMISS Export will show a hyperlink to download the files)

Step 6: Select the EXPORT button and the system will start the data extraction.

Step 7: For all other States (not WA AVETMISS) you will see the hyperlink to go to the Report Centre to download the zipped files as

With WA AVETMISS you will see this:

Just as in the Report Centre, select the hyperlink to download the zipped files to your computer and then follow your normal process to submit the files to the relevant State body.

WARNING: There are other parameters in the AVETMISS Export screen that generally should not be used except under specific conditions as follows:

Exclude Elective Modules If for some reason you did not want any elective modules/competencies linked to enrolments to be in the extraction you would select this.

Exclude Modules Without Results This MUST never be unselected and in future updates of TEAMS we will remove this option.

Use Descriptive Name for Module/Competency If you have setup internal module/competency codes/names and the formal/official codes/names are in the Descriptive Code and Descriptive Name fields then you MUST select this option.

Non-APL Export – Only colleges that are aware of this export would use this option. Primarily this is for NSW colleges.

Exclude Student Contact Number – If you are doing a Non-APL Export then you will have to select this option if you enter student phone/mobile numbers in TEAMS as they do not want brackets () exported in the NAT files and TEAMS uses brackets. It OK for this data to not be included.

Enrolment Type There may be reasons why you would only want to select a few types of enrolments to be exported and you can use this option. Please discuss your business reasons with support staff at Software Dreams prior to setting it up this way.

Export only Special Contracts – If you have multiple special contracts and only set enrolments against each of the special contracts, not all AVETMISS students, then you would use this section. Please discuss this with support staff at Software Dreams.

Enrolments If you are doing exports/submissions for State = NSW and you have to do the submissions/export for one student enrolment at a time then use the ADD button for this field to search and select the relevant enrolment. By doing this you will not have to select a Campus or Course form those fields.

Still having trouble?

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