How to setup/use Quality Indicators Count in TEAMS?


The pre-requisites for Quality Indicators Count are:

BR – Quality Indicators Count


This document explains what Quality Indicators Count are; it identifies any important information and will show you how to use the Quality Indicators Count screen.

Aim of this element

  • To provide an explanation of the Quality Indicators Count screen and its purpose
  • To explain the importance of Quality Indicators Count
  • To show how to setup/use Quality Indicators Count


As part of the AQTF 2007 any Registered Training Organisation that wishes to deliver nationally recognised vocational Qualifications and Competencies must submit on an annual basis the AQTF 2007 Indicators to the Competency Completion Quality Indicators Online system.

This document explains how to use this screen for the system to create your annual count.

Step 1: Go to TEAMS > Setup > Financials > Quality Indicators menu option. When the screen loads select the Year of Export that you wish to do the data count for. This is absolutely critical as the system uses this calendar year to search and perform counts on.

Step 2: Select the Campus/s you wish to perform the count on.

WARNING: If you have setup your System Setting for NCVER Level of Export = Campus then you MUST only select one campus to do the count on. You would have to do a new count for each campus separately.

Step 3: Select the courses/qualifications you wish to include in the count. You can chose all if you have setup at the course/qualification level the setting of Non-AQF as TEAMS will exclude these courses/qualifications automatically from the count.

Step 4: Enter an email address that you wish TEAMS to email the zipped files to. This is a backup precaution as you will be directed to the Report Centre to download the zipped files.

Step 5: Select the GENERATE button and the system will start the data count.

Step6: The screen will refresh and you will see the hyperlink to go to the Report Centre to download the zipped files as below:

Step 7: Download and save the zipped file to your local computer/server and then go to the Competency Completion Quality Indicators Online system to submit the 3 files included in the zipped file.