National – NAT00020 File

About this NAT File

This file relates to your training locations. No matter how many training locations you have, even if you just have one, you must setup for each one a training location in the campus entry screen on the Training Location Tab a training location with a postcode. You must do this for each of the Campuses that you have setup in TEAMS that will have to submit AVETMISS data.

These training locations, even if you have just one, are then linked to the enrolment and each module/competency at an enrolment level. If you only have one then by default the system will always use just that one against eveything, however if you have multiple locations then you MUST select the relevant one for the enrolment or where the student changes locations for different modules/competencies then you would select the specific training location at the module/competency level in the Student Results screen for the enrolment.

For RTOs that are not funded, as this is checklist is mainly for Fee for Service RTOs, then you more than likely can just set one location per campus and by default the system will load that training location against the enrolment.

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