National – NAT00080 File

About this NAT File

This file is data for each of your students that have an enrolment and it’s data to be included in the NAT files. This NAT file just contains data about the student, such as their name (this is encrypted at the time of submission), their DOB, Gender, other AVETMISS answers for questions from Enrolment Application form and address information. It also flags if the student has any prior educational information (the indepth information will be included in the NAT00100) or any Disability (the indepth information will be included in the NAT00090 file).

Every student should only show once in this file, in a similar way that the information in the NAT00030 and NAT00060 is.

It is important to note that it is your legal responsibility to ask the Student all of these questions, however they do not have to answer them. In a case where they have not answered you, other than DOB, you are allowed to enter (if we have not already provided you the option from a dropdown) to add the statement of Not Stated to a field.


If you do not flag a student as AVETMISS in the Student Entry screen > Details Tab then the system will not be able to export a student and its enrolment data in this file as well as NAT00120 file.

Still having trouble?

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