New Screen – Student AVETMISS Data Clean Up

A new screen ‘Student AVETMISS Data Clean Up’ has been created in TEAMS which gives a list of current student enrolments for which important AVETMISS settings such as AVETMISS flag at student level, AVETMISS State, Started Flag, Module Start and End Dates are missing. This screen is present in TEAMS > Setup > Organisation.

How to use this screen

Step 1Go to TEAMS > Setup > Organisation > Student AVETMISS Data Clean up screen. Select Calender Year for which you wish to see a list of Current Students and press SUBMIT button.


Step 2 – After pressing SUBMIT button, the screen will refresh and a list of current students will appear according to the enrolment dates. The list of student enrolments will be displayed on 2 tabs, Started and Not Yet Started based on whether a student enrolment is flagged as started or not. This list will display Yes/No in the Student AVETMISS column depending whether a student is flagged as an AVETMISS student or not in the Student Entry screen. There is a column for Enrolment AVETMISS State which displays what state has been linked to an enrolment and if there is no state linked, then a blank will appear.

The last column ‘Module/Competency has Start and End Dates’ displays that how many modules of that enrolment do have module dates in the Enrolment Subject/Module screen and how many do not have any dates entered. For Ex:- Y:9/N:1 means that there are 9 modules for this enrolment which have module dates linked to them and 1 module does not have any module dates.

A user can click on the Student number or the Enrolment number to open the relevant record for fixing their data.


Step 3 – Three radio buttons have been added on the screen so that a user can select if they wish to see only those students for which either there are no module dates, or student is not flagged as avetmiss or avetmiss state is empty for an enrolment. For Ex:- If first radio button i.e. ‘Show me students which do not have module start and end date’ is selected then the screen will only show student enrolments which do not have module dates in all of their modules. Same is the case for other radio buttons.


Still having trouble?

If you’re having any difficulty or have questions that you can’t find answers to here, please feel free to send us an email at or call us on 1300 85 05 85. We’re happy to help!