How to create Invoice Template

This article describes how to create Invoice Template from Invoice Template Entry Screen and the business rules for creating it.

Why would you use Invoice Templates?

  • If you are a CRICOS Provider there was once a TPS mandatory requirement for your Offer Letters (LOO’s) to show the study period information, including start and end dates of each study period, for each invoice/installment that the student was required to pay for each course/qualification they were being offered.

  • TPS no longer has this requirement, however many CRICOS providers prefer to continue to show this information on their LOO’s. To do this, unless you are prepared to have your staff, as users in TEAMS, manually enter for each proposal and each invoice raised against it, the individual study period # and study period start and end dates, the only way to do this is to create templates of invoice installments with the study period information, including start and end dates already loaded for a course.

  • Invoice Templates only work if you have fixed intakes, whether that be quarterly, monthly, 6monthly etc.  This is because you have to put the invoice date, invoice due date and most importantly Study Period start and end dates. So for every course/qualification where you have installments/invoices that will have different dates you can create Invoice Templates, link them to the relevant course/qualification and your staff can then select the relevant one based on the proposal start date. If the proposal start date doesn’t match an Invoice Template start date range then you will not see anything for that proposal.

  • You also do need to consider how far in advance you need to create Invoice Templates for. Remember, a larger number of CRICOS providers are creating Loo’s that have more than one course/qualification in them and they have staggered start and end dates that reach over a period of 1 to 4 or 5 years. You need to have Invoice Templates created that far in advance for them to be of any use to your organisation.

  • If you are an ELICOS provider and only raise the one invoice per course/qualification then Invoice Templates will not be of any assistance to your staff.

How to setup Invoice Templates

Step 1 – Go to TEAMS > Setup > Financials > Invoice Template Entry Screen


Step 2 – On Invoice Template Entry tab enter the details as follow:

  • Enter the Invoice Template Code and Name. Invoice Template Code and Name could be anything as per your own preference but we always recommend that you enter course code along with Intake Date.
  • Enter the Enrolment Start between dates. This date range is very important because an invoice template can only be used if the proposal start date is in between this date range.
  • Select the Campus for which you wish to create the Invoice Template.
  • After selecting the campus, click on the Load Courses based on selected Campus(s) button and select the course(s) for which you are creating the invoice template.
  • Enter the number of invoices which you want to create in this Invoice Template. Each invoice should correspond to a study period so the number of invoices should be same as the number of study periods.
  • Tick the Active tick-box to make the invoice template active.


Step 3 – On Fee Selection tab, list all the student fees for which you want to raise the invoices. Then, click the NEXT > button.


Step 4 – The screen will refresh and the Invoice Template Entry Step 2 screen will open.


where you can specify the following details to create the invoices within the Invoice Template.

  • Study Period #
  • Study Period Start Date
  • Study Period End Date
  • Study Period Weeks
  • Invoice Date
  • Due Date


Once all the above details are entered, you can select student fees from the drop down menu and add them in the grid for every invoice. While adding a student fee, you can EDIT the Amount if you wish to change it.


Step 5 – Once all the details are entered, click SAVE to save all the details and FINISH > to finish the Invoice Template creation wizard.


Please see the post How to allocate Invoice Templates to proposals for more information.

Still having trouble?

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