How to setup fee chargeable templates in TEAMS?


Fee Chargeable Templates are a way of grouping your fees you wish to charge your Student?s. This allows for easier access and viewing of fees at the enrolment stage and whenever you wish to invoice students.

For example, you may have a large list of fees but for any one enrolment you may only wish to see fees that are relevant to the student’s enrolment and the Course/Qualification selected. You may setup your Fees Chargeable Templates based on your Courses/Qualifications and then only the relevant template gets linked to the Course/Qualification. You may also wish to setup Fees Chargeable Templates for general fees that are used at every enrolment such as ‘Administration Fees’ or ‘OSHC Fees’ etc.

Once you enter your Fees Chargeable into TEAMS you MUST setup your Fees Chargeable Templates in order to charge Student’s.You can see below in the Flow Chart the areas Fees Chargeable Templates are linked to as well as how they are used in an enrolment.

The information entered within the Fee Chargeable Templates will affect different areas of the program. Below are examples of where the program will use this information:

  • Student Enrolments

  • Financials

  • Student Trust Accounts & Draw downs

  • Financial Reports

How to setup:

Step 1: Open the Fees Chargeable Template screen.

Step 2: Enter a Fee Chargeable Template Code for the Fee Chargeable Template you are creating. This Code is a unique identifying code that the program uses in the background. The Code can be an abbreviation of the Fee Chargeable Template name

Step 3: Enter the Fee Chargeable Template Name. Important: this name shows in the Fee Template/s tab of the Enrolment Wizard so it needs to be a name that your staff can easily identify with.

Please Note: If you are setting up OSHC fees such as AHM, Medibank then you may wish to setup different Fee Chargeable Templates for each Healthcare Provider. A code for General English may be AHM – OSHC and the Fee Chargeable Template name may be AHM – OSHC Fees Chargeable.

Step 4: For any of your Courses/Qualifications you may increase your rates on a yearly basis. By entering an Effective From and an Effective To date range in the Fee Chargeable Template this template will only be active during this period of time.

Please Note: For 2010 you have increased your fees for AHM from what they were in 2010. You can setup a Fee Chargeable Template code of AHM – OSHC with an Effective From date of 01/01/2010 and an Effective To date of 31/12/2010. Once this template is linked to your AHM fees you will only be able to see this template between this date range when doing enrolments. After the 31/12/2010 this will automatically become inactive.

Step 5: For a Fee Chargeable Template to be used in TEAMS you MUST have the tick box for Active selected. If you no longer require a Fee Chargeable Template DO NOT DELETE IT please just unselect this Active tick box.

Step 6: Once you have setup your Fee Chargeable Template you then need to go and link the Fee Chargeable Template to the Course that will be charged the fees. If you are setting up a Fee Chargeable Template that has fees that ALL students must be charged such as OSHC or administration fees then you do not have to link them to the individual Courses/Qualifications. Instead you can select the tick box for Available on All Enrolments and a user will then see that Fee Chargeable Template every time they do an enrolment.

Step 7: Select the tab for Fee.

Step 8: Select the lookup box beside the Fee Name field and select all the fees you wish to link to the Fee Chargeable Template.

If you select multiple fees by selecting the tick boxes next to the fees in the lookup and pressing update then all the fees will appear in the grid already and if you need to add a schedule or make a fee compulsory you will need to edit the fee line item, make the changes and add the information back to the grid.

If you use the hyperlink of the Fee Chargeable name to select the information you will need to enter a schedule or tick the compulsory tick box where required and select the Add button to add the information to the grid.

Don’t forget to select the SAVE ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen to SAVE what you have just entered. If you close out of the screen before selecting the save icon your entry will NOT be saved.

Also, to create a new entry you MUST select the NEW ENTRY icon in the top left hand corner of the screen so the screen can be refreshed and ready for the next entry. If you leave your current information in the screen and type over it you are MODIFYING the entry.