Invoice Template and ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods Report

As per the new ESOS guidelines, a new ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods Report has been created in TEAMS. This report will only get generated for those pending proposals for which the fee structure has been created by using the new Invoice Template process in TEAMS. For this new process, a new screen for the creation of Invoice Templates has been created in TEAMS, screen path:

TEAMS > Setup > Financials > Invoice Template Screen

In this screen, an invoice template code and name should be entered along. With the help of Enrolment Start between fields, TEAMS will only display specific Invoice Templates for specific enrolments i.e. If an enrolment start date lies in between the dates entered here, then the invoice template being created will start appearing otherwise the invoice template won’t appear. Once this information is entered, a user must select the campus to which an invoice template is being applied and then the invoice template can be linked to a specific or multiple courses. The last bit of information which needs to be added is about the Number of Invoices i.e. count of invoices (numeric value) which should be created in the Invoice Template.

On the Fee Selection tab of the Invoice Template screen, a user needs to link those fees for which the invoices need to be raised. For Ex:- Cert 4 Hospitality Overseas Fee, Enrolment Fee, Material Fee.

Once all the required fees are linked, the screen will appear as follows and then NEXT button should be pressed to move on to the second step of Invoice Template Wizard:-

On the Invoice Template Wizard Step 2, the same number of invoices (i.e. 4 entered in the above Invoice Template Entry tab screen shot) will appear which have been entered on Step 1. Here, a user needs to create invoices with above selected fees. For each invoice, a user must enter the Study Period #, Study Period Weeks, Invoice Date and Invoice Due Date.

Study Period # and Study Period Weeks do get printed in the ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods Report.

Note:- The Study Period # and Study Period Weeks will get printed for only those pending proposals for which Invoice Template process has been used but for any other proposal, these two fields will appear as blank.

Similarly, this data needs to be entered for the same number of invoices which are being created. 

Once all the invoice data has been entered then the user should press the FINISH button in order to complete the Invoice Template creation process.

Now, every time a user tries to create a proposal from:-

a. Prospect Marketing Centre > Create Proposal
b. Student Centre > Action > Create Proposal
c. Proposal Entry Screen
d. Prospect Entry Screen > New Proposal

TEAMS will display a pop-up message prompting the user to select the Invoice template process or not. By default, Use Invoice Template setting is enabled, if the below highlighted system setting for Invoice Template is enabled on the

System Settings > Financials Tab.

Also, if a user wants to create a proposal without using the invoice templates, then Use Invoice Template tick box should be un-ticked and GO button should be pressed. This pop-up appears if a user tries to create a proposal from the

Prospect Marketing Centre > Create ProposalStudent Centre > Create Proposal or Prospect Entry Screen > New Proposal

Similarly,  if a user tries to create a proposal from the Proposal Entry Screen, then there is a tick box by using which a user can opt for either to use invoice template process or continue with normal proposal process.

Once a user selects the Use Invoice Template tick box, then the Proposal Wizard will open and Invoice Templates Invoice Fee Entries tabs will appear instead of Fee Templates and Fee Entries tab which appear in normal Proposal process. The Invoice Templates and Invoice Fee Entries tabs will only load the data if the Campus, Course and Enrolment dates have been entered on the Course tab. Once the enrolments dates are entered, then only those invoice templates will appear which are applicable to this proposal as per its start date and proposal dates which have been entered on the Invoice template entry screen.

When a user selects the invoice template which has to be applied to the proposal, then all the invoices which were raised in the invoice template automatically appear on the Invoice Fee Entries tab according to the invoice date, invoice due date and fee amounts added.

Now, once a proposal has been created by using the Invoice Template process then the ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods Report for that proposal can be generated from the Prospect Marketing Centre > Reports menu.

The  ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods Report prints the prospect level as well as proposal level data. 

If this report is generated for multiple proposals then the fee data for each proposal will appear in a different table along with the collective summary of all the proposals in one table as follows:-

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