Payments Due Listing Report

This article describes what this screen is for, how to use it and outlines any business rules or important things to note.

Before You Start

This screen is only accessible from the Dashboard in TEAMS Lite; it is not available in TEAMS itself. Also, if you are logged into TEAMS Lite as a ‘trainer/teacher’ you will not have access to the Dashboard and this tile.

To understand how this tile works and what business rules the system uses to show enrolments in this screen, you must first read the article for Payments Due Tile and the Business Rules in this article.

When you select the link for the number against a course code listed in the Payments Due Tile the system will load the screen and follows the business rules below:

  • In the top header section the system will display the date range for ‘This Month’ that the enrolments in the grid have receipts for.

  • The enrolments for the count will be displayed in the grid section of the screen.

If you select to navigate to this screen by selecting the link for the word ‘This Month’ on the Tile, in this scenario Payments Due, as there was no enrolments with invoices/payments due for the month, then the system will open the screen.

  • In the above scenario the grid will be empty and you will need to enter a different date range for the system to search on.

How to use the Screen

This screen is a simple screen that lists all the enrolments with invoices/payments due within the date range displayed on the screen. From here you can use specific functions to send Email or SMS messages to the students informing them of their payments due or create contact logs of notes for the enrolment.

This screen is broken into two separate sections that are:

Search Parameter section

Grid displaying Enrolment information

Each section has very simple fields of information or functionality available as follows:

Search Parameter section

Payments Due for: this is a date range that the system will load by default based on when you log into TEAMS Lite. It shows the current date as start date and end date of the current month. The system then uses today’s date as an ‘as at’ date to find any enrolment that has an invoice with an invoice date within the current month.

Remember, every time you log into TEAMS Lite, the system is recalculating Payments Due for the Tile and this screen, so counts and even amounts due will change from one day to the next based if a receipt has been entered against the invoice.

For Course: this will display in a read only fashion the Course Code that you selected the number count from the Tile. If you accessed this screen from the Tile by selecting the word ‘This Month’ in the tile, then you will be given the option to select courses to search on.

Total Payments Due: this will display in a read only fashion the total amount of invoices/payments due for the enrolments listed in the grid below.

Show All Payments Due: this is a tick box and where it is only displaying for one course code and you have accessed the screen from the link for a number count for a course code, you can then select this tick box and it would load all the enrolments for all the course codes listed in the tile. If you accessed this screen from the Tile by selecting the link for the word ‘This Month’, then this tick box will not be available for you to use.

Grid displaying Enrolment information

This grid will display information relevant to the enrolment. Most of the information is self explanatory, such as Student #, Student Name, DOB, Gender etc. The two columns that need some explanation are:

Invoice No: this does a count for the enrolment of how many invoices are due within the current month for a student enrolment. If you mouse over the number it will display a tool tip and list each invoice # that has been created.

Due Amount: the system will do a calculation of the total amount for the invoices/payments due listed in the Invoice No. tool tip.

Functionality available

  1. Above the screen in the TEAMS Lite menu bar you will see an Ellipses menu as shown below:

From this menu you can chose to send Emails or SMS messages or Create a Contact Log for one or many enrolments listed in the grid section of this screen. For more information on how to do this please see the following articles:

  • Send Emails from TEAMS Lite

  • Send SMS from TEAMS Lite

  • Create Contact Logs in TEAMS Lite

2. Select the student or enrolment number link and you can navigate to the Student/Enrolment profile screen.

Things To Note


The system does not consider if the enrolment is flagged as started and/or finished, it will show any enrolment where it meets the above business rules for the Payments Due Tile and this screen.

The system will not consider any cancelled enrolments if they have Invoices/Payments Due. If you wanted to consider them you would need to log into TEAMS and generate the Invoices Report found under TEAMS > Setup > Financial Reports I menu option for Invoice Due Date.

Where there are no invoices/payments due for the month for any courses, there would be nothing listed. To access the Payments Due Listing screen you can select the word ‘This Month’ and it will still take you to the listing screen.

  • If you cannot see this screen or the Payments Due Tile in the Dashboard it means you DO NOT have permission to them. You need to speak to your direct manager or your TEAMS Manager regarding this.

Still having trouble?

If you’re having any difficulty or have questions that you can’t find answers to here, please feel free to send us an email at or call us on 1300 85 05 85. We’re happy to help!