Webinar – Financials in TEAMS (Student’s Financials & Agent’s Financials)

Student’s Financials & Agent’s Financials


In this Webinar we will show you what will you learn in these two sections.

Section 1. Understanding Student Financials in TEAMS.

under this section you will learn about:-

a). Different versions of students invoicing and system settings that affects this version. This includes proposal level invoicing.
b). Receiving in TEAMS.
c). Difference between Refunds & Refunds and Cancel Fees.
d). Difference in Transfer & Transfer and Cancel Fees.

Section 2. Understanding Agent Financials and how TEAMS creates commission invoices.

under this section you will learn about:-

a). Business rules that system uses for calculating the Agent’s commission invoices.
b). Different versions of Agent invoices that system can generate and system settings used.
c). Agent payment versions.