Getting Started

Congratulations and welcome to TEAMS!


Now that you have purchased TEAMS what happens next?

There are 4 stages to implementing and then using TEAMS. These stages then have different steps, below are the stages with a simple explanation and if you select the link it will open a new page to explain each step to you.

Stage 1 – Pre-implementation/setup

In this stage you will receive a Welcome email from your assigned Client Manager that will provide important information relating to your TEAMS site and the process of implementation. You will also be asked to complete a questionnaire relating to how your business works and what features you will use as this allows us to better understand your business and how your TEAMS site should be setup.


Stage 2 – Implementation – setting up your data

This is a critical stage where you will be setting up data such as Fees, Courses, Qualifications, Subjects (clusters), Modules, Competencies, Assessment Tasks, Teachers, Class Rooms, Users etc. It is important to remember that you are entering/importing data into a clean database and therefore it is recommended you take the time to setup your data correctly and not just enter/import blindly to avoid problems with your data in the future. You MUST complete this stage before you can move onto Stage 3 – Implementation – entering/importing your current student data.

Stage 3 – Implementation – entering/importing your current student data Stage 4 – TEAMS training & go live