How to use Grid Entry Tabs and Screens in TEAMS

This article is about how to use Grid Entry Tabs and Screens in TEAMS and the various rules for entering information into a Grid Entry tab or screen.

There are number of tabs and screens in TEAMS that will be explained as a Grid Entry tab or screen. Grid Entry tabs and screens are easily identifiable by the ability to enter information on a line at the top of the tab or screen and the information gets added to a list using an Add button.

Grid entries are used to add a large amount of data against something such as documents or notes (Contact Logs) against a student or agent.

Rules To Remember

The process for entering information into a Grid Entry tab or screen is easy! There are some important rules you MUST remember that are:

Rule 1: You must always enter information into the top line of the Grid Entry tab or screen as highlighted in the image below. Make sure any blue fields (Mandatory fields) have information in them, otherwise you will NOT be able to save the entry.


Important: If you do NOT see a top line for entry then the Grid Entry Screen or tab you are looking at is only a read only screen. This means you can only view data in the screen, not add it. It may be that you were not given permission to Add entries or it could just be a read only grid screen or tab.

When entering data take note of fields such as Log Type, or in the Documents tab it will be Document Type. You can setup what you see in these lists from the User Codes screen. We will have provided some sample options in them and you can also remove the samples if you wish. It is just a way to group entries in the grid together so you can search and see relevant information.

Also, another field is the Details icon. It is where you enter notes for the entry. At any point you do not need to use both of these fields, the Log or Document Type and the Details, but generally you will use at least one of them.

Both of these fields are highlighted in the image below.


Once you have entered all the relevant information in the top line; to add the information to the grid you MUST have a Date (by default the system will always load today’s date but you can change it), a User Name (by default the system will always load the Users Name that is logged into TEAMS doing the entry, but you can also change it if needed) and then either  Log/Document Type and Details (notes) where necessary.

If you are NOT entering Details (notes), only entering the other information then you MUST then select the ADD button on the far right hand side of the line, to add the entry to the grid below before saving. Below is an image highlighting the Add button.


However, if you have entered Details (Notes) then you need to use the Add button in the Details window as shown below, to add the entry to the grid.


Rule 2: Once you have added the top line information to the grid as below:


You MUST select the SAVE entry icon in the top right hand corner of the screen as shown below:


Important: when you select the SAVE entry the system will show you this message:


This is NOT an error! The system is warning you that your entry in the grid has been saved, however based on the date you entered for the entry it may or may not show in the grid when it is saved. The reason for this is that users can add 100’s and 100’s of entries into a grid and if we were to automatically display 100’s of entries every time you loaded the screen, it would take a very long time to load the screen. So we restrict the number of entries we display in the grid when you load data in it. Based on how your TEAMS settings have been setup the system will display a date range in the top of the Grid Entry tab or screen to identify the date range that it is displaying entries for as show below:


The system is identifying above that it is only showing grid entries that have a date between the 01 and 31st August 2016. So using this example, if your date was before the 1st August 2016 it wouldn’t show in the grid. You would have to change the date range and then select the SEARCH button on the far right hand side of the date fields and it would re-load showing extra entries based on the new date range. Please make sure you have saved any changes or new data in your screen before doing this though, if you enter dates and select SEARCH and you haven’t saved changes or new data you have entered you will lose it.

Rule 3: When you want to edit an entry in the Grid you must find the entry and then select the Edit icon to the right hand side of the screen as shown below:


When you select the Edit Icon above they system will then show the selected entry in the top line of the Grid as discussed in Rule 1 of this post. Make the changes you require, select the ADD button to add the entry back to the grid and then select the SAVE icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Where you want to delete an entry, select the Delete tick box (next to the Edit icon) for the entry you wish to delete, as shown below.


Once you have selected the Delete Tick Box for the entry you wish to delete you then must select the SAVE icon in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Important: if you do not see the Edit Icon and/or the Delete Icon/Tick Box this means you have limited permissions and cannot use this functionality.

Still having trouble?

If you’re having any difficulty or have questions that you can’t find answers to here, please feel free to send us an email at or call us on 1300 85 05 85. We’re happy to help!