How to add Contact Log and generate Contact Log Report in TEAMS

This article describes how to add contact log and to generate contact log reports.

Before You Start

Contact Logs are used to log conversations and other communication with entities such as  Prospects, Proposals, Students or Enrolments and the Organisation.

Add Contact Log

To enter a contact log follow the steps below:

Step 1- Enter the Contact Date the contact occurred – this is a mandatory field and MUST be entered to be able to add the entry to the grid.

Step 2 – The User Name defaults with the user currently logged in but if the contact was between another user and the entity you can use the drop down to select the correct user name.

Step 3 – Select the Log Type from the drop down box for the type of contact you want to log. This is a User code and needs to be setup from the User Codes screen prior to the information being entered. This is not mandatory and hence it is not required to add the entry to the grid but will make reporting on the data easier.

Step 4 – Select the Details icon to enter the details about the contact. As long as the Contact Date has already been entered you will be able to select the Add icon within the Details screen. This will add the information to the grid as long as all the mandatory fields are entered. If the mandatory fields are not yet entered the details icon will close and you will need to enter the contact date and then select the Add icon next to the details icon.

Step 5 – Once you see the entry in the grid you know it has been successfully added to the grid.
Step 6 – You then need to select the Save Entry icon to save the changes you have made.

Generate Contact Log Report For an Enrolment


Step 1- If you want to generate the Contact Log Report for a particular enrolment then open that Enrolment , go to Enrolment Centre > Log > Contact Log.

Step 2 On the Enrolment Contact Log screen, click the Print Entry icon to generate the report.

Generate Contact Log Report In Bulk


Step 1- Go to TEAMS > Student > General Reports -II > Student Contact Log.

Step 2 – Select the parameters as per your requirement.

For example: Enter the Report Start Date and Report End Date. If you want to include the Email Log, Mail-Merge Log or SMS Log then you can simply tick the Show Email Log, Show Mail-Merge Log and Show SMS Log tick boxes. If you don’t want to then leave them blank.

Step 3 – After selecting all the parameters, click Generate button to generate the report.

Still having trouble?

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