How to enter (create) a new Prospect in TEAMS

This article describes how to Create a new prospect in TEAMS and what are the business rules for it.

Before You Start

Before creating a new Prospect in TEAMS, a user needs to check if the prospect has already been created in the system or not, to avoid the double records. Click here to know how to search a prospect in TEAMS.

Create Prospect

For creating a new Prospect in TEAMS, follow the steps given below..

Step 1- Go to TEAMS > Marketing > General > Prospects Entry screen.

Step 2 – On the Details tab,  you can enter the primary information of the Student. Below is the explanation of all the important fields.

  • Campus – There is no need to select the campus as by default All is selected.

  • Prospect Type – It should always be Student.

  • Unique Student Identifier – You can enter the USI number of the student in this field. If you don’t have the information then leave it blank.

  • Title – Select the title from the drop-down menu.

  • First Name – Enter the First Name of the Student.

  • Middle Name – Enter the Middle Name of the Student.

  • Surname – Enter the last Name/Surname of the Student. Its a mandatory field.

  • English Name – This is not a mandatory field. This is used by ELICOS colleges for overseas students as the names of some students are quite tough to pronounce by their staff so they create English Name for those students.

  • Sex – Select the gender of the student from the drop down menu. This field is mandatory for AVETMISS submission.

  • Date of Birth – Update the DOB of the student in this field. This field is also important for AVETMISS submission.

  • Has Agent – If a student has any agent, then tick this checkbox and select the agent by clicking on the lookup icon.

  • Avetmiss – This is very important field for AVETMISSS submission. Always tick this check box because if you don’t select this check box then that student won’t appear in the AVETMISS export.

  • School – This field is for the Funded RTOs.

  • Phone #, Mobile #, Fax # & Work # – These are self explanatory fields. You can enter these details from the application form of the student.

  • Unsubscribe – If you want to remove the student from the emailing list then you can tick this tick box otherwise leave it blank.

  • Email Address  – Enter the email address of the student.

  • Website Address, MSN, Skype & Marketing Source – These are non mandatory fields. If you have the information then you can update it otherwise leave them blank.

  • Nationality – This is a mandatory field so you need to select the nationality of the student from this drop down.

  • Level of Student & Score – These fields are for ELICOS students.

  • Country – Select the country of the student from the drop down list.

  • Overseas – If the student is overseas then tick this checkbox as its a very important field. When you tick this check box , two options will appear; Onshore Student & Offshore Student. Select the relevant option.

Step 3 – After updating all the basic information on the Details tab, move to the Addresses tab to enter student’s local and mailing address.

There is no need to enter the address in the fields Current Local Address & Mailing Address. Just enter the address in the Avetmiss Address field which is on the top. Its is mandatory field. System will copy that address in the other two fields by ticking the check boxes of Copy Avetmiss Address & Copy Address. Following are the steps to enter the address in AVETMISS Address field:

  • Flat/Unit Detail – Enter the Flat/Unit number if there is any.

  • Street # – Enter the Street #.

  • Street Name – Enter the street name.

  • AVETMISS Suburb – You can type the suburb name or postcode and system will show you the list of relevant suburbs with their postcode, state and country. Select the appropriate one and system will automatically update the information in all the fields such as Suburb, State, Post Code & Country.

Step 4 – Move to the next tab which is Next Of Kin tab. There is no field mandatory on this tab. If you have student’s emergency contact information then you can update that detail under this tab.

Step 5 –Next tab is the Preferences tab. Again, fields under this tab are not mandatory. You can update the course preferences of the student in this tab.

For example if a student wants to enrol for more than one course and has mentioned his/her preferences in the courses i.e. student wants to do course B first and then course A and after that course C then you can update this information on this tab by selecting the campus from the Campus Name drop down menu, course from the Course Name drop down list and update the preference number of that particular course in the Preference text box.

Click Add button to add the information in to the grid. If you don’t hit the Add button, information won’t be saved in the system.

You can also add the information of preference in the start date of the course in the Preferred Start Date field. Same for the length of the course and accommodation requirement.

Step 6 –Next is the Overseas tab which is very important as in this tab passport & visa information needs to be updated.

Update the following details on this tab :-

  • Passport # Enter the passport number of the student from the application form or from the scanned passport copy given by the student.
  • Visa Type – Select the visa type of the student from the drop down list.

  • International Address, Suburb/City, Post Code & Country – If the international address of the student is given in the application form then update it in the address fields.

  • International Phone # & International Fax # – Update the international contact details of the student if given in the application form.

Step 7 – Contact tab is only for Traineeship and Apprenticeship students. As traineeship students do their some part of training at a workplace. So in this tab, those student’s employer details needs to be updated. You can skip this tab if you don’t have traineeship/apprenticeship students.

Step 8 – Contact Log tab is for keeping track of all the communication with students. To do this, enter the Contact Date then select the appropriate Log Type from the drop down menu. Click the Details icon and enter the communication notes in the text box then hit Add button.

Step 9 – You can upload all the documents related to the student on the Documents tab. To upload documents, select the Document Type from the drop down list then click on the Upload button to upload document. You can also add notes related to the document by clicking on Details icon. Click the Add button to add the entry into grid. You can add as many documents you like as there is no limit in uploading the documents.

Note –  Public Document tick box is for Student Resource Centre.

Step 10 – On the AVETMISS tab,  you can see the address which you have updated on the  Address tab has automatically been populated by the system. Other fields are also very important although they are not mandatory but it is recommended to update as much information you can.

  • Include In National Export – Except ELICOS student, tick this check box for every other student.

  • States – Select the state.
  • Indigenous, Last school level completed, School completed in year, Country of birth & Language spoken at home –  Update the information in these fields from the application form of the student.
  • Client Identifier, Learning Unique Identifier, TRS Number & School Year – These fields are for funded students.
  • Survey Contact Status – This field is mandatory for AVETMISS from Jan 2018. This field shows if the student is available to attend the survey from the RTO or not.

Step 11 – To know about the Fee Help tab, click here.

Things To Note

  • All the fields in TEAMS with blue background are the mandatory fields. You cannot save the screen without updating information in these mandatory fields..

  •  Do not use any entry with red color in drop down list in TEAMS as these are redundant.

  •  The Audit Log tab gives you the system generated list of audit logs i.e. the system will keep a track on any of the changes made by any user into TEAMS.

Still having trouble?

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