How to create an Agent Commission Templates in TEAMS

Step 1 – Go to TEAMS > Agent > Financials > Commission Templates Entry


Step 2 – Once the screen opens, enter the Template Name as per your own preference but we do recommend that it should be something which is easily understandable. For Ex:- 25% ELICOS, 20% VET, etc.


Step 3 – Select the ‘Commission Option’ i.e. ‘Same for all Courses’ OR ‘Define individually for each course’. This is a decision that you need to make: – Is this commission template common to all courses OR for this commission template do you wish to define separately what the commission amount is? Or from the Course Commission tab, instead of defining it per course you can use the Agent Commission type (you would have to link Agent Commission Types to each Course, such as VET, ELICOS, HE and so on, and this can be setup in User Codes) and then define the commission at the Agent Commission Type level.

(i) If you select the option as ‘Define individually for each course’, then ‘Commission Type’ option will disappear and the ‘Course Commission’ tab will appear.


This is where you can define commission percentage for each course individually by selecting the Course Lookup and selecting a course, then enter a Commission %age for it and add it to the grid. OR, as mentioned above, instead of selecting each course individually select a Agent Commission Type from the dropdown and then enter a Commission %age and add it to the grid, you don’t need to add a Course in this version.


(ii) If you select the option as ‘Same for all Courses’, then ‘Commission Type’ option will appear.


Step 4 – If you tick the option ‘Available for All Enrolments’ then the Commission Template will appear for all agents and courses and if you do not tick this option then you need to link this commission template to the specific agent/s in the Agent Entry screen.


Step 5 – The ‘Commission Type’ drop down will only appear if the Commission Option is selected as ‘Same for all Courses’. You can select the Commission Type as ‘Fixed Amount for all Courses’ OR ‘Fixed %age for all Courses’. If it is selected as ‘Fixed Amount for all Courses’, then you need to enter a commission amount BUT if you select ‘Fixed %age for all Courses’, then you need to enter a commission percentage.



Step 6 – Once you update all the information, click Save. Commission Template will be created and then it can be linked to an Agent in the Agent Entry Screen.


Still having trouble?

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