How to generate Letter of Offer

Step 1 – Go to TEAMS > Marketing > Prospect Marketing Centre.

You can see all the pending proposals under the Pend. Proposal tab and approved proposals which are converted into enrolments under the Converted tab.

Step 2 – Under Pend. Proposal tab, you can simply select the radio button of the proposal for which you want to generate the offer letter .

You can also search the proposal by typing the name of the student in search text box and click Search button. System will show you all the proposals related to the name you searched under the Pend. Proposal tab.

Select the radio button of the correct proposal for which you want to generate the offer letter.

Step 3 – After selecting the proposal from Pen. Proposal tab,  go to Reports > ESOS Schedule of Fees by Course/Study Periods – PMC.

Step 4 – A dialogue box will appear on your screen where you first have to select the Template from the drop down menu :-

After choosing the template, a tick box will appear in front of the proposal # (count of the  proposal # depends upon the number of enrolments of that particular student). Select the relevant tick box and Click on the Generate button.

Step 5 – After clicking on the Generate button, report will be submitted to the server for generation. Click on the hyperlink and it will redirect you to the Report Centre (TEAMS Workplace > Quick Links > Report Centre).

Step 6 – Once report gets Generated in Report Centre, you can view/download the report (both Pdf & word format) by clicking on Report Name.

Still having trouble?

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