VSL settings for a prospect student

Prospects Entry Screen VSL Fields 

TEAMS > Marketing > General > Prospects Entry Screen > Fee Help Tab

Although VFH (VET Fee Help) has changed to VSL (VET Student Loans) in TEAMS it will still show as Fee Help or VFH, for the time being. There have been no structural changes from VFH to VSL, it is only the naming that has changed.

All the VSL information entered at the Prospect Entry screen will be copied to the Student Entry Screen > Fee Help Tab, once a Prospect/Proposal is converted into a Student/Enrolment.

Is this Student a Fee Help Student? – If a prospect is a VSL prospect, then ‘VET Fee Help’ radio button should be selected on the Details Tab and then only ‘Fee Help’ tab will become active.

Tax File Number – The tax file number for a student.

CHESSN – A code allocated by the department, which uniquely identifies the student within the Higher Education or VET Sector and remains constant from year to year.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander – A code which identifies whether or not the student/applicant identifies herself or himself as being of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Country of birth – A code representing the country of birth of a student.

Year of Arrival – The year in which a student/applicant not born in Australia, first arrived in Australia.

Language Spoken at Home – A code indicating use of a language other than English at the student’s/applicant’s permanent home residence.

Highest Education Participation and In which year did the student complete or last participated in the selected highest education? – A code which indicates the student’s or applicant’s highest educational participation and last year of that participation prior to the first enrolment in the course of study.

Citizen/Resident Indicator – A code indicating a student’s/applicant’s citizenship and residence status.

Disability – If a student is suffering from a disability, then the appropriate option should be selected.

Is the student a Domestic school leaver commencing an undergraduate or Vet Course? – This tick box is only to be ticked for Domestic school leaver students commencing an undergraduate higher education / VET course.

What Suburb did the student permanently reside at in their last year of Secondary School? – This field only appears if the above tick box is ticked. Name of the suburb/town/locality for the student can be selected in this field.

Study Reason – Study Reason Identifier identifies the student’s main reason for study.

Labour Force Status
– Labour Force Status Identifier describes a student’s employment status.

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